The US fleet is preparing for a surprise attack if China decides to annex Taiwan! Construction Newspaper


The US fleet is preparing for a sudden attack, which could be subjected to its naval units if China decides to annex Taiwan by using military force, in the context of the dispute over the South China Sea region, over which China has declared its sovereignty.

This was mentioned by the “National Interest” magazine in a report on the dispute in the South China Sea, noting that “China is seeking to annex Taiwan, at a pace that could be faster than the ability of the United States to respond.”

The strike force group, led by the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, is sailing in the South China Sea as part of the US fleet’s efforts to confirm the intention of the United States and its allies to continue to sail their ships freely in areas where international law allows navigation.

The free-sailing operations carried out by the warships of America and its allies aim at emphasizing that “these countries do not agree to China’s declaration of sovereignty over the South China Sea.”

And the American magazine says that “China is building chains of the industrial part of the South China Sea to assert its sovereignty over those areas, which the magazine notes that other Asian countries reject what it describes as Chinese claims.”

China is working to assert its sovereignty over the areas of the South China Sea by establishing many military fortifications of land, sea and air military equipment, while the United States continues to adhere to work in the waters of that region, which it says are “international waters” and that its warships have the right to sail through them. in accordance with international law.


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