The “unhappy” billionaire… the story of the programmer who sold his company in a tweet


Some may know that the owner of this game is currently a company Microsoft, but in fact, who is behind the Swedish game, which is owned by a company “Muyang (Mojang) And acquired by Microsoft, is an eccentric programmer named Marcus Pearson.

Pearson is 42 years old, and he and his two partners always try to stay out of the limelight, as they have disappeared from social media, except for a Twitter account for Pearson under the name NotchThey also try as much as possible to stay away from the media.

He invented the game and then set up a company

Pearson is described as a geek, highly creative programmer, who invented the game Minecraft in 2009, and when it started to succeed he founded Muyang with two friends. His stake in this company was 71 percent.

The game has become an obsession for many, as its sales are estimated in the millions, and one of the indicators of its terrible success is that in 2014 there were 147,000 YouTube channels from content makers around the world, talking only about the game Minecraft.

About the game maker, one of the closest programmers who worked with Pearson said: “Minecraft was entirely Marcus’ idea, he was inspired by two games, the first was about building a mine with the help of some cartoonists, and the second game was about space, he formed an idea from these two ideas and created Minecraft “.

He added, “Marcus was working completely alone, so he made the game as simple as possible, just boxes to move here and there, and that’s how Minecraft began.”.

With the huge popularity of Minecraft, Pearson occupied a special place among the fans, as if the fans of Minecraft became an intellectual league of some kind, and Pearson is the godfather of this association.

Pearson is described as programmer Distinguished with a wide imagination and unique ideas, but at the same time he is described as a bad manager who does not listen to anyone, and everyone is upset with him, and this reminds us of what was also said about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.

Pearson’s bad personality as a manager seems to have made him feel lonely at Muyang, and it seems to have only exacerbated his displeasure with the situation..

Bad manager .. but “very generous”

Strangely enough, Pearson, despite his mismanagement and his uniqueness of opinion, was lavishing gifts and money on his employees. On one occasion, he organized a lavish private party for his employees in Monte Carlo, France, where he arranged a trip for 48 people by private plane there, and assigned them 16 luxury cars of unique types such as Lamborghini. Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, and luxury hotel accommodations.

In 2011, he made another move, as he chose to distribute all of his personal profits from the company to the employees. His profits in that year were nearly three million dollars, and he distributed it entirely to them..

The following year, at a New Year’s Eve party, he gave each employee a cash gift of approximately $12,000.

He got tired of it.. so he sold it with a tweet

Pearson got tired and upset about 5 years after the launch of the game, as he seemed to no longer tolerate the large number of criticism and attacks on the game on social media, in addition to his social isolation within the company, so on June 17, 2014, he wrote a tweet on Twitter saying: “Does anyone want to buy my stake in Muyang Corporation? I can’t stand the hatred that is pouring in on me trying to do the right thing.”“.

As soon as Marcus wrote his tweet, he was flooded with calls, and about 3 months after the tweet, the company was sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion.

Marcus and his two friends became billionaires then.

When Marcus left the company after its sale, he wrote in a letter to employees: “I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m not a CEO, I’m a geek programmer who likes to put likes on Twitter.”

And he continued in his message: “I love you all, thank you for making Minecraft what it is now, but you are many and I cannot take responsibility for such a big thing. I sold the company not because I was looking for money, but to maintain my mental health“.

lavish life

After Marcus became a billionaire, he immediately went to live a luxurious life, and as a sign of his extreme extravagance, he immediately went to the Beverly Hills area of ​​Los Angeles, which was inhabited by the wealthy, and bought the most expensive house there ever, worth more than seventy million dollars, and beat the rapper J. Zee and his wife, famous singer Beyoncé, who wanted to buy the house.

According to the description of the house, it has 8 bedrooms, more than 15 bathrooms, one toilet seat is worth 5600 dollars, in addition to a car showroom, and a large swimming pool. There is also a “dessert room”, and Marcos posted a picture of it on Twitter.

In the same year, he purchased the most expensive apartment in Stockholm ever in terms of price per square meter, an area of ​​140 square meters, and a value of about 3 and a half million dollars.

A person on Twitter suggested to him that he try preparing himself a sauce for food at home, and he replied that he had appointed a special chef (chef) to prepare the sauce for him.

When someone else asked him where to buy pizza from, he replied: “My chef makes pizza for me, it’s strange that you are a billionaire, but it has many positives.”.

Extravagance in lost projects

After becoming a billionaire and leaving the company, Pearson sets up a new gaming company with a friend. Everything about this company is sumptuous, from office space to furnishing and more..

But the company over the years has not generated any significant income, and when someone asked him about his company he replied: “It’s bleeding money as usual, without any profitable projects at all.”. Since its launch, the company has lost nearly $6 million.

Pearson says about her: “Our company has become like a nursery for adults, a new idea comes to us, we work on it for two days, then we leave it and go back to play.”.

Money does not mean happiness

Despite this life of opulence, Pearson himself criticized it, saying: “The problem when you have everything is that you have nothing to fight for, and social relations will become impossible because of inequality.”.

One of his Twitter followers once replied, “Literally everything in life is more valuable than money, people want money because it can be exchanged for many things other than money.”.

In another tweet, he wrote: “If you want to hear my thoughts now: Money certainly can’t buy happiness.”.


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