The UAE wins Security Council membership to continue the pace of promoting and maintaining international peace and security – UAE – News and Reports


The United Arab Emirates was elected as a non-permanent member of the Security Council by the United Nations General Assembly for the period from 2022-2023, during its meeting today, Friday.

The Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations stressed that the UAE seeks to enhance inclusiveness, build resilience, stimulate innovation and secure peace for future generations.

The UAE has pledged to encourage the Council to move beyond its current reactive approach to a more forward-looking approach in order to better prepare for future challenges, and encourage the Council to consider the impact of technology, especially artificial intelligence, in supporting and strengthening peace and security around the world, as well as working As a leading voice calling for moderation and dialogue in the Middle East, helping to maintain political will and advancing multilateral cooperation to combat terrorism and extremism, and encouraging continued efforts aimed at strengthening the non-proliferation regime in the region and around the world.

The UAE also pledged to work on building consensus on recognizing climate-related security risks in documents issued by the Security Council, addressing the security impacts associated with climate change such as desertification and drought, and increasing cooperation with small island states exposed to the increasing risks posed by climate change.

The country’s permanent mission to the United Nations stressed the importance of working with all member states to activate global cooperation and benefit from the United Nations system to achieve its full potential in order to create more resilient institutions and societies.

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, had officially announced the UAE’s candidacy for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council, in the country’s statement to the general debate of the seventy-fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 29, 2020.

The UAE is a symbol of the achievements that can be achieved through cooperation, and as a country that is constantly looking towards the future, the UAE has taken bold steps to accelerate positive changes in the region, and as a relatively young state, it is uniquely positioned to provide assistance to developing countries to achieve their development visions This has made it one of the major donors in the field of economic development and humanitarian response, and as a commercial and creative melting pot located in a global transit hub, seeking to help countries work together to take advantage of technology opportunities to advance humanity.

The UAE is distinguished by its history of effective cooperation in the face of pressing global challenges, guided by everything it has done since its establishment, especially in the field of diplomacy, with its firm belief that it is stronger in its union, which is the basis of its approach to achieving international peace and security. The multilateral approach has become more important than ever to confront the complex and growing threats to global peace and stability.

The UAE affirms its firm belief that the international community becomes stronger with its union, and by working at home and the UAE’s diplomacy abroad, the UAE seeks to implement this belief and turn it into a reality, and as a candidate for membership in the Security Council, the UAE will be a constructive partner in facing some Among the most important current challenges in the field of promoting gender equality, encouraging tolerance, combating terrorism and extremism, and building innovation capacity for peace, the UAE is seeking an elected seat on the United Nations Security Council for the period from 2022-2023 in order to work to promote inclusiveness and motivate Innovation, building resilience and ensuring peace.

Advance inclusivity

The multicultural and diverse society of the Emirates embodies the achievements that can be achieved by rejecting extremism and fear and embracing human potential. Construction of the Abrahamic Family House in 2022, which includes places of worship for Muslims, Christians and Jews.

stimulating innovation

While the UAE, as a global meeting point and a commercial and creative melting pot, seeks to bring countries together to take advantage of the opportunities of modern technology, financing and policies. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced the launch of the high-level team on digital cooperation, and in 2020, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center launched the first Arab research mission to explore planets under the name of the Hope Probe, which was achieved thanks to cooperation with dozens of countries.

Building resilience

The UAE believes that the most important threats facing human development, such as global health crises and climate change, cannot be overcome without international cooperation. The UAE is considered one of the most generous countries in providing foreign aid compared to its national income, as it provided aid to more than 175 countries. The International Humanitarian City in Dubai is the largest logistics and supply center for United Nations organizations, and the UAE is an important partner to the World Health Organization and the World Food Program in efforts to confront the Covid-19 pandemic.

secure peace

The UAE has sought to mediate between the parties to disputes, reduce tensions, and develop comprehensive political processes and security approaches to ensure sustainable processes out of conflicts. The UAE and UN Women launched the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Women, Peace and Security Initiative at Khawla Bint Al Azwar Academy Military for women with the aim of training women from developing countries to work in the fields of peacekeeping, and the UAE funds a wide range of United Nations agencies and programs, including UNICEF, the United Nations Development Program, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, with the aim of improving conditions humanity in fragile states and contribute to building peace.



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