The UAE has a high-level digital infrastructure


Dubai (Etihad)

A delegation from the Emirates Journalists Association, headed by Mohammed Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the membership of Dr. Ahmed Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Training and Studies Committee, and Hessa Saif, Head of the Membership Committee of the Association, participated in the virtual meeting organized by the International Federation of Journalists, for the digital media group, which includes representatives from associations, federations, bodies and trade unions. International journalist.
Muhammad Al Hammadi stressed the readiness of the components of the use of digital media in the UAE, which has proven its great media ability during dealing during the Corona pandemic, thanks to the advanced infrastructure and technology throughout the country, which enabled journalists and media professionals to quickly disseminate and broadcast news, remotely.
Al Hammadi added that the Digital Media Group discussed the production of three reports related to the digital press sector and its needs: a report on the legislative and regulatory framework for the digital media sector, a report on taxes for the digital economy, and a report on copyright, intellectual property and related rights. The group meeting program included presenting national reports on developments related to the digital journalism sector and on the economic models of digital journalism with a focus on the non-commercial journalism model, and topics and dates of national activities on digital journalism in different countries.
Al Hammadi noted that the press institutions in the Emirates today focus on digital content in their media message, and they speak in the media messages to the reader around the clock with brief mentions, and expand these media messages on their pages in the traditional media that are now present in parallel on the websites of these newspapers.
Al Hammadi expressed his great confidence in the development and boom witnessed by all media in the press and media institutions in the Emirates, so the reader can now read the newspaper, on smart phones as it is printed on all its pages, and this is very easy for the speed and ease of circulating information for the reader, as it is also present. It has distribution centers spread across the country.
Al Hammadi indicated that the association has established within its committees the Digital Media Committee, which aims to organize intensive training courses for journalists and media professionals, and the committee is also working on organizing practical workshops, to familiarize journalists with how to use everything that is new and modern in the means of smart journalism, and the use of digital journalism and graphic means. , to deliver information to the reader in a simplified and easy way, which depends on documenting the information accurately.

The state has taken the lead
Dr. Ahmed Al-Mansoori said that our participation in the meeting with the International Federation of Journalists came to confirm that the UAE has a world-class digital infrastructure, which is considered the most advanced in the region and the world in terms of providing all the technological requirements required for digital media, so the UAE did not face any A problem with converting its traditional media to digital.
Al-Mansoori added that all media indicators regarding competitiveness and digital readiness confirm that the state has taken the lead in these indicators, and the media must keep pace with this existing development and target all its capabilities to provide professional and socially responsible content through digital media platforms.
Al-Mansoori stressed that what we are witnessing today from most segments of society, especially the new generation of young people, directs all its interests towards digital media, so that digital media platforms and social media have become the source of information for young people, so media institutions should strive to be It has a strong and effective presence, and increases communication with various segments of society, especially the young generation, until it proves its presence and that digital media provide useful media content from a reliable source of information. Al-Mansoori stressed the need to define the term digital education, and its importance for the various institutions of society, including educational, educational and media institutions, to look forward to their responsibility to educate community members towards the optimal use of modern means of communication and digital media.


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