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Tunisia – The head of the Tunisian Football Association, Wadih Al-Bari, revealed the truth about what was recently reported about his intention to replace the coach of the Carthage Eagles team, Munther Al-Kabir.

And there was news in the past few days about the daring contact with an Italian coach to replace Al-Kabir.

Al-Jaree said in a press statement, “I have not contacted an Italian, a French, or any foreign coach.” He continued, “Everything that has been said on this subject is unfounded, and until this moment we are convinced of the great coach and the rest of the technical staff.” He explained, “The day we notice that we are no longer convinced of it, we will tell the elder, and the public opinion will know about it and we will not hide it.”

Al-Kabeer recently succeeded in finding a solution to the front line in the absence of many elements by inviting the Egyptian Zamalek player Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri, who proved his worth by being with the Carthage Eagles, where he managed in two matches to score 3 goals.

The Tunisian national team is also full of distinguished players in all lines, such as Yassin Meriah, Muntasir Talbi, Dylan Brun, Wajdi Kachrida, Mohamed Dragher in the defense line, Elias Sakhiri, Mohamed Ali Ben Ramadan, Ferjani Sassi in the middle of the field, Naim Al-Saliti, Hamza Rafia and Wahbi Khazri in the offensive line.

strength elements

Wadih the Daring: I have not contacted an Italian or a French coach or any foreign coach
meek bold: I have not contacted an Italian or a French coach or any foreign coach

One of the most prominent elements of the strength of the Tunisian national team is that it has a rich human resource, as the coach of the Great Carthage Eagles does not find any problem when choosing the squad to enter any match.

Evidence for this is the recent list in which Tunisia finished the African Nations Cup qualifiers, which included 31 players and was enough to reassure the future of the team, especially after the success of the Tunisian Football Association in making the duo Issa Al-Aidouni and Sebastian Tonkti play with the Carthage Eagles, although the first received an offer from Algeria and the second trained In the age groups of the Norwegian national team.

The coach of the Tunisian national team confirmed that the friendly match against Algeria is of great importance, given the value of the two teams. “The match will be difficult against a very respectable team that has achieved positive results,” Al Kabeer said.

He continued, “The meeting is a derby dominated by enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and the small details will decide it. Our goals are clear and any match we enter we are keen to win in order to advance in the FIFA ranking.” “We will do everything we have to continue our positive results, as we have scored 9 wins and 3 draws, unbeaten in 12 matches so far,” he said. “The strength of the Tunisian team lies in the spirit of the group, and we will confirm that again against the Algerian team,” El Kabir added. “We will play against the African champions and against big names. Our match against Algeria is the real test for the Tunisian team, and we will be more focused and more cautious against the Greens.”

On his opinion about the performance of the new elements that participated in the Congolese, he said, “We were keen to introduce new blood, and the first appearance with the national team was Hannibal Al-Majbri, Ali Youssef and Issam Al-Jabali.” He added, “Also, some players participated in the second international match with us, similar to Issa Al-Aydouni.” He added, “It can be said that we succeeded in renewing the blood, and these people will have a great deal with the Tunisian national team in the near and far future, and I repeat: Al-Majbri is a gain for the team.”

Regarding the changes that he intends to make, especially in the middle of the field, Al-Kabeer said, “In our match against the Libyan national team, I involved Elias Al-Sakhiri, Issa Al-Aidoni and Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan together in the same squad, and these elements presented a distinguished season with their teams, so we can find them in the starting lineup again.” .

No to exclusion

Al-Kabeer added, “I confirm that there is no exclusion of the local player or an orientation towards professionals abroad, but rather there is an entitlement and it is the decisive factor in choosing players.”

He continued, “The Tunisian school is represented in the national team. There are many players who were in Tunisia and excelled in the local league, and then professionalized abroad. Today we find them with us and we, as a technical staff, follow the players who are active abroad and in the local league, and the best is the one we choose.” He concluded, “The interest of the Tunisian national team is above any consideration, and the player who is able to provide the addition and has the merit will be chosen, without considering where he is active. Once again, I confirm that the doors of the Tunisian team remain open to any player who will benefit us and provide the addition.”

While Issam Jebali, the Danish striker of Odense, said in a press statement, “I am very happy that I am now with the Tunisian national team, and this opportunity I waited for, and therefore I will do everything in my power to prove that I deserve this invitation, and I will give everything I have.” He continued, “I am not a stranger to the national team, which has strengthened its ranks at all ages, and the atmosphere inside the team is very good and helps any player to adapt, and I will take advantage of this opportunity to prove my worth by wearing the Tunisian national team uniform.”

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