The truth about the death of director Mohamed Sami – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Because of the similarity of names, the pioneers of social networking sites circulated the news of the death of the Egyptian director Mohamed Sami, as several press sources claimed today the death of the director Mohamed Sami in a hospital in Greater Cairo, after his health deteriorated, and then the news spread widely through the social media platforms. A lot of his fans panicked and worried, wondering about the truth of the matter.

Similarity in names

But close sources soon denied all the news circulating on the communication sites about the death of director Mohamed Sami, noting that he is in good health, and there is certainly a similarity in the published names.

The Egyptian newspaper, Akhbar Al-Youm, confirmed that the director who died was Mohamed Sami, the father of director Yasser Sami, and the father of the media, Mahy Sami.

The artist Issaf had mourned the late director on his Facebook page: “God, the director and the father, the first to help me in my artistic life, and the first to convince the father of my friends Mahi and Tamer and director Yasser Sami.”



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