The traitors “Yahya Asiri” and “Ibn al-Awda” incite girls to forfeit their virginity


special (echo):

Campaigns that incite girls not to care about their virginity continue to appear constantly, with the support of some opponents abroad, such as the rogue “Abdullah Salman al-Awda”, as well as the traitor “Yahya Asiri”.

The position of these mercenaries comes among other situations in which they showed their support for any activity that harms the homeland and its symbols. We find their accounts on social networking sites support calls for “feminists” that incite girls to things that are incompatible with the Islamic religion and the values ​​and morals of society.

Inviting girls not to pay attention to their virginity is one of the dirty calls that feminist accounts are active in from time to time, and during the past days, these accounts published a lengthy article in which they described virginity as a form of oppression.

Feminists’ accounts considered “virginity” to be a superficial matter that has nothing to do with the role and position of women in society, and even criticized Arab societies, which are entrenched in girls’ minds, about the necessity of not having sexual relations outside marriage.

These malicious accounts continued to incite girls to practice debauchery with fictitious justifications, and even linked the rise in divorce cases in an Arab country to society’s adherence to the idea of ​​virginity, reiterating that the concept of virginity for women is one of the most restrictive restrictions that control their lives in a way that is closer to oppression.

In addition to these blasphemous calls, feminists publish messages encouraging girls to collective anger as a tool for social change, in addition to bragging about the names they have been given, including prostitutes, angry, madmen, witches, and Nazi feminists, emphasizing their persistence in presenting their perverted ideas in society.


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