The title of “Iraq’s first star” ignites the fire between Shatha Hassoun and Rahma Riyad


Rahma Shatha

The artist, Shatha Hassoun, considered her the first star of Iraq, in response to the announcement by her compatriot, artist Rahma Riad, earlier that she was the owner of this title.

“I am Iraq’s first undisputed star, I have history, I have albums and major festivals and I have worked with top artists,” she said in the promotional advertisement for an interview that will be broadcast in full next Friday on the Iraqi UTV screen.

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And she continued, “I did not succeed with one or two songs, or through weddings or through YouTube, which is not considered a measure of success or stardom.”

And she denied the existence of tension between the artists of Iraq, adding: “I wish them all success and they have beautiful voices.”

Riad had said in televised statements that she was “Iraq’s first star”, before Hassoun, in turn, hurried to announce, in her appearance on the cover of a magazine, that she was “the number one” among the stars of her country.


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