The start of the European Cup in Rome


The match was preceded by an opening ceremony that witnessed a musical performance by the famous Italian opera singer Andrea BocelliAnd fireworks, to celebrate this exceptional edition of the tournament, which is being held for the first time in 11 cities from 11 different countries, and will continue until July 11, with a partial attendance of the fans..

The two Italian legends, Alessandro Nesta and Francesco Totti, moved the tournament’s starting ball, which bears the name “Uniforia”, where the words unity (uni) and ecstasy (forea), were combined to sum up what the tournament promises..

Approximately 16,000 fans were allowed into the stands Olympic Stadium In Rome, equivalent to 25 percent of the capacity of the historic stadium, according to Agence France-Presse.

And back to the game, hope Italian national team In rising to the level of expectations and making up for his staggering absence from the World Cup Russia 2018, with the ambition of winning the continental title for the second time in the history of “La Scudra Azzura”“.

As for Turkey national team With a new generation of players, she hopes to erase her recent disappointment when she was eliminated from the group stage in the 2016 edition, and failed to qualify for the World Cup four times in a row..


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