The song will be a big surprise


The artist, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, announced, through her account on Twitter, that she presented a song composed by a Palestinian composer who died recently, in order to fulfill his last wish, in her new album.Al-Zoghbi explained that the composer died of infection with the new Corona virus, and that he wished to display that song, which is the dream that Al-Zoghbi will achieve for him in his new album, according to the “Fi Al-Fan” website.

“The song will be a big surprise when the album opens,” Nawal said enthusiastically.And last year, Nawal made a wish for a young woman who wished Nawal to greet her on the occasion of her birthday, and Nawal quickly responded and said to her, “Happy birthday.”

It is noteworthy that Nawal Al Zoghbi will soon release a mini-album, which will contain 4 songs, including 2 in the Egyptian dialect, one in the Lebanese dialect and one in the Gulf.

Source: Sputnik


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