The secret of the “%” sign that prevents the “iPhone” from connecting to “Wi-Fi”


A reverse engineering specialist, Carl Shaw, encountered a strange problem when he tried to connect his iPhone to the wireless internet in his home, which has a strange name “%p%s%s%s%s%n”. network.

Carl discovered that the problem is not only limited to the Internet in his home, but rather it is a general problem that “iPhone” phones encounter with the names of wireless Internet networks “Wi-Fi” when their name includes the percent sign “%”.

Kernel of annoying attack

The report published by “Bleeping Computer” indicated that the reason behind this strange problem is most likely that the iOS operating system misunderstands the network name that contains the “%” sign, because it is a sign frequently used in programming operations.

Xu said that the vulnerability he tested on iOS 14.4.2 and iOS 14.6 may cause inconvenience to users, if hackers and curious people can use it to attack their phones, by persuading them to connect to wireless Internet networks in public places.

Several scenarios, one result

Blipping Computer’s report explains several scenarios that the user may go through if he connects his phone to a “Wi-Fi” network with a strange name in the same way referred to previously.

The second scenario includes a complete shutdown of the Wi-Fi internet feature, which may be resolved by restarting the phone completely more than once.

But the common result in the previous two scenarios is that the network with the strange name is difficult to connect to again, even if it has been changed.

How to solve the problem of “Wi-Fi” on the iPhone?

In order to solve the previous problem on the iPhone or other Wi-Fi issues as well, the following steps can be used to reset the iPhone’s Internet connection settings via wireless networks:

1. Go to Settings, and choose General

2. Choose Reset, then choose Reset Network Settings


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