The “Saudi Retina Group” organizes a lecture for the treatment of infiltration of the diabetic visual center


Recently, the Saudi Retina Group held a virtual medical lecture under the title “Deepening into Saudi Recommendations for the Treatment of Optic Center Leakage Due to Diabetic Retinopathy”, in the presence of more than 140 doctors who are senior consultants and eye specialists in the Kingdom.Dr. Hassan Al-Dhibi, head of the lecture and consultant of retinal medicine and surgery at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, began his speech by welcoming this large gathering, which includes a group of senior consultants and specialists in ophthalmology in the Kingdom. He also stressed the importance of holding such medical lectures that aim to discuss the latest medical developments, especially Regarding eye diseases.

Al-Dhibi added that diabetic visual center infiltration is one of the complications of diabetic retinopathy that threatens vision and is also a major cause of vision loss all over the world.. Diabetic retinopathy and diabetic visual center infiltration are among the most important complications that result from diabetes, and diabetic retinopathy has a prevalence of 19.7 And the infiltration of the diabetic visual center by 5.7% in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. He added that some cases are not reported, which may give a false perception of a decrease in such cases.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Assistant Professor and Consultant of Retinal Surgery and Eye Oncology at King Saud Health University in Jeddah, Dr. Saad Waheeb, Consultant Retinal and Vitreous Surgery and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah, and Dr. Muhammad Hazazi, Assistant Professor and Consultant Retinal Surgery at King Saud University, participated in this lecture as official speakers. King Saud Health Center in Riyadh and Dr. Mark Dysmet as an external speaker.

The lecture also discussed the different treatment methods recommended by the Saudi recommendations, which depend on the patient’s diagnostic condition and the initial classification of the infiltration of the diabetic visual center. The experts agreed that the treatment protocol depends on the classification of the retinal visual center infiltration according to its presence in the visual center or not.. Among these modern treatments, Photodynamic laser cauterization of the retina, the use of endothelial growth inhibitors, intravitreal corticosteroids, and retinal and vitreous surgery when necessary. The speakers stressed the importance of continuous follow-up by the patient with the specialist doctor to assess the patient’s response to treatment.

This lecture and medical event was sponsored by AbbVie Saudi Arabia, the global company specializing in the production of biological medicines, and the Saudi Ophthalmological Society. Ashraf Daoud, General Manager, praised the success of this medical event and the great role of the Saudi Retina Group in spreading awareness and interest in presenting the latest updates and medical recommendations in the treatment of Optic center effusion disease as a result of diabetic retinopathy, which is a serious complication of diabetes.


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