The Saudi regime has a track record of spying and suppressing dissent


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The global network pointed to the crimes of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who escalated his security and repressive campaign against intellectuals, academics, jurists and activists in the Kingdom, and confirmed that the Kingdom is still witnessing mass arrests since he came to power until now.

The global network concluded that the security campaign supervised by Ibn Salman is primarily aimed at crushing the peaceful opposition.

The Saudi regime uses the Information Crimes Law to suppress activists and crush freedom of opinion and expression to reinforce its authoritarian rule. The Information Crimes Law is one of the tools of repression pursued by the authority of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, against those who express their opinions on social media.

With the emergence of active personalities on social networking sites, especially Twitter and Snapchat, the Al Saud authorities have become more wary of expressing opinion, and the suppression of freedoms has increased.

Among the most prominent provisions of this law, which suppresses freedom of expression, is Article 6, which stipulates that a fine of 3 million riyals and 3 years’ imprisonment for anyone who harms public order and produces on the Internet.

Social media activists are victims of government repression, through some interpretations of the provisions of the Information Crimes Law, as in Article 7 of the law, which stipulates that a fine of 5 million riyals and 10 years in prison for anyone who creates a website for a terrorist organization on the Internet.

The International Human Rights Watch highlighted the intensification of repression in the Kingdom, despite the release of a number of detainees in light of the continuation of harsh sentences, travel bans and torture violations.

The organization said that the Al Saud authorities’ repression of dissidents, human rights activists, and independent critics continues with the same intensity, despite the release of some prominent activists in early 2021.

In this context, the exhibition revealed d. Abdullah Al-Awda revealed the ways and tools of the Saudi opposition to change the regime in the Kingdom. Al-Awda said that opposition activists launched the DAWN think thank Organization in America,

The director of research for Saudi Arabia and the UAE at DAWN Al-Awda said that Saudi opposition activists are ready to change the system of government in it, and pointed out that the change would be to a system that allows everyone to exercise basic freedoms and liberties.

But Al-Awda said: “The main goal is to create a democratic system that reflects the Saudi people, their values ​​and their basic freedom, like any democratic system in the land.”

“I think it should be that part of history that governs the absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia, like other Saudi activists,” he added.

He continued, “We, as Saudis, have aspirations for freedom and liberties.”

And he added: “We want to practice it and have freedom of assembly, we want freedom to form parties, and to protest peacefully

And he continued: “And to be part of the government and to compete (in the elections), and to have a system that allows everyone to exercise basic freedoms and liberties.

And he added: “We want to have elections for the parliament and the parliament, where the budget and money do not go to one, but to the public and to the people, and to serve our interests as the Saudi people.”

But regarding his response to any plan to remove the Saudi regime and transform Saudi Arabia into a republic or constitutional monarchy, he replied: The plan is to put pressure on the Saudi people, stressing that the plan includes opening our arms to the various segments of Saudi society.

Al-Awda continued, “Our plan is to be open and have the mentality of being open to any channels with any Saudi person who is willing and able to be part of this quiet change.”

He believed that the matter is very simple, and it includes, of course, the royal family itself, which has become a victim of its absolute monarchy and its crown prince (Mohammed bin Salman).

Al-Awda concluded that bin Salman is a danger to Saudi society and the region, and concluded by saying: “As long as he is there, he is definitely a destabilizing factor.”


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