The Saudi Ministry of Health recommends continuing to apply precautionary measures after taking the “vaccine”


The Saudi Ministry of Health recommends continuing to apply precautionary measures after taking the “vaccine”

“Civil Aviation” issues mechanisms and detailed procedures for institutional quarantine

Thursday – 14 Dhul Qi’dah 1442 AH – 24 June 2021 AD

The Ministry of Health stressed the continuation of applying precautionary measures (SPA)

Riyadh: «Middle East Online»

Today (Thursday), the Saudi Ministry of Health announced a new statistic of “Corona” developments in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours, which included the registration of 1255 confirmed cases and the recovery of 1247 cases, while the number of active cases reached 11,322 cases, including 1451 critical cases.
The ministry recommended continuing to apply precautionary measures after taking the “Corona” vaccine, such as wearing a mask and leaving a safe distance, pointing out that the vaccine contributes significantly to reducing infection, but does not prevent infection, especially since the pandemic is still present.
The statistics showed that the total number of injuries in Saudi Arabia reached 479,390, and the number of recovery cases reached 460,338, and with regard to deaths, 14 deaths were recorded, bringing the total number of deaths in the Kingdom to 7,730 deaths. The Ministry of Health also announced that 91,021 laboratory tests had been conducted.
The Ministry of Health advised everyone to contact the (937) Center for Consultations and Inquiries around the clock, to obtain health information and services, and to know the developments of the Corona virus.
For its part, the General Authority of Civil Aviation issued today a guide for travelers who are not Saudi citizens and the excluded groups who are not immunized and who come from countries from which arrival has not been suspended, and it includes mechanisms and procedures for institutional quarantine in both Arabic and English.
The guide highlighted a set of detailed general provisions for institutional quarantine applications, excluded categories and procedures related to the insurance policy, in addition to the roles and responsibilities of the air carrier.
The guide confirmed the continuation of work in all flights and airports with the precautionary measures and protocols applied to prevent the spread of the “Corona” virus in the Kingdom and the importance of adhering to them, the policy of using the “Tawakulna” application, the alerts to be announced to travelers and the health requirements related to certified certificates and approved vaccines.
The guide also touched on the procedures for arriving at the airport, stressing the need for all arrivals to adhere to the application of health precautions and protocols applied at airports and their facilities, and directing travelers to the paths specified in the passports.
The authority called on all travelers who meet the institutional quarantine conditions to download the guide and keep it for reference when needed.
It is noteworthy that the authority applies all precautionary and preventive measures at the Kingdom’s airports; With the aim of providing an integrated health environment for visitors of the travel lounges at Saudi airports, the measures taken by the authority also include holding a workshop with the aim of introducing health safety requirements and precautionary and preventive measures, in cooperation with its partners from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Authority (Weqaya) and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAYA). ), the Saudi Central Bank (insurance) and the Ministry of Tourism (shelters).


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