The return of the most famous Egyptian extras to the operating room after a medical error


Follow up: Nazik Issa

Actress Fatima Koshary discovered that she had fallen victim to a fatal medical error, after she underwent surgery.

The artist was surprised by a strange pain similar to a tumor next to the site of the hernia operation she had performed 3 months ago. It turns out that the doctor forgot a medical gauze inside her that caused her this pain.

The most famous extras in Egypt indicated in press statements that she contacted the Syndicate of Acting Professions to help her, but they did not care about her, because she is not a member of the Syndicate.

The real name of the Koshary Companion is Fatima Al-Sayed Awad Allah, and she gained her nickname from the Koshary vehicle that she and her husband owned.

Fatima Koshary appeared for the first time in 1989. Among her works are the films “The Grandchildren’s Struggle” and “The Execution Brigade” within the extras. Her first appearance in a television drama was through the series “Dahab Qishra” in 2001, and among her most famous works are: “The Sweetest Times”, “Al-Nisa Prison”, “A groom from a security point of view”, “Oh me, my aunt”.

Her last work was the series “Omar and Diab” as “Umm Jaber”, and the work was shown in Ramadan before last.

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