The retired Egyptian artist, Nora, occupies people with a picture | art stars


During the past hours, the retired Egyptian actress, Noura, became the talk of social media, after a long absence from the media and artistic scene.

Mai, the daughter of the late artist, Nour Al Sharif, shared pictures of her with her aunt Noura, to celebrate her birthday.

Mai returned to her aunt, confirming that she has a great place with her, and that she is like her mother and friend, and that she also participated in her upbringing.

“Beautiful as it was”

In addition, the latest appearance of the artist Noura attracted the attention of many users of social networking sites, and they confirmed that she still retains the beauty that was characterized by her on the cinema screen.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian artist, Noura, decided to retire from art and wear the veil in 1996, after she married the late artist, Hatem Zulficar.

She was born on June 18, 1954, and her real name is Alawia Mustafa Muhammad Qadri, and she is the younger sister of the artist Bossi, the wife of the late artist, Nour Sharif.

Noura had achieved wide stardom after participating in many successful films in the eighties of the last century, including “Shame” and “Running Monsters” with her sister’s husband Nour Sharif, “Al-Keef” and “Nahr al-Khof” with the late artist, Mahmoud Abdel Azeez.


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