The result of the match between England and Romania today in the friendly match in preparation for the Euro, an English goal


England and Romania meet in a friendly match in preparation for the upcoming Euro Championship, at Riverside Stadium, in a strong meeting, because the England team is close to the start in the Euro, and therefore it has to finish the preparations strongly, when it meets its Romanian counterpart, will it succeed in excelling He has to achieve an important victory, but he must beware of the opponent from achieving a surprise.

The England national team played its first friendly match against Austria and won it with a clean goal without a response, and today it is preparing for another new friendly match against its counterpart and its guest, the Romanian team, and aspires to achieve another victory to appear with a strong personality and in a good way in preparation for the European Nations League confrontations for the current version 2021, where the England team joins To Group D, along with each of the following teams “Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland”.

While the Romanian team is fully aware that the opponent is not easy and a strong team the size of England, but he also wants to win against him, and the competition today will be strong between the two teams.

england vs romania match result

England win 1-0, at the expense of Romania.

  • Match: England x Romania.
  • The competition: a friendly preparatory meeting.
  • Time: 7:00 pm Mecca time.
  • Carrier channel: beIN Sport 2 Premium.
  • Venue: Riverside Stadium.
  • Commentary: Muhammad Barakat.

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