The result of the match between Colombia and Ecuador today in the Copa America


The Arena Pantanal stadium will host an important match between Colombia and Ecuador, today, Monday, June 14, in the first phase of Group B in the group stage of the Copa America.

Colombia snatched its first victory at the start of its Euro career, after beating Ecuador 1-0.

The two teams are in this group alongside Brazil, Venezuela and Peru, so everyone will fight for a place in the next round.

Colombia enters the meeting with strength and high confidence, as he aspires to present a strong match worthy of him, through which he seeks to achieve victory and snatch full points at the beginning of his career today, and to prove to everyone that he is a strong and stubborn team.

On the other hand, Ecuador is aware of the difficulty of the task and the group he is in, but prepare for this meeting in a special way, as he wants to present a strong match, through which he tries to come up with a positive result that satisfies his ambitions.


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