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Home Sports The result of the Colombia-Peru match today 06/21/2021 in the Copa America

The result of the Colombia-Peru match today 06/21/2021 in the Copa America


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Colombia vs Peru The Colombian national football team will meet at 2:00 am Cairo time with the Peruvian national football team in the match that will be held at the Olimpico Pedro Ludovico Stadium in the Brazilian city of Goiania as part of the third round of the group stage competitions of the Copa America The match is currently being broadcast, accompanied by the voice of the most famous sports commentator in the Arab world, Essam El Shawali, on the fifth channel, BN Sport Max.

The Colombian national football team is competing in the second group of the Copa America groups, and has played two matches so far, where it managed to win its first match against Ecuador, where it won with a single goal to nothing, while the tie was decisive for the result of its second match. Against Venezuela, the match ended in a goalless draw, bringing Colombia to the fourth point, occupying second place in the group standings after Brazil.

As for the Peruvian team, which has only played one match so far in the current edition of the Copa America, where it met with Brazil in its first match, which was held last week, and suffered a heavy defeat in its first appearance in the Copa America, where it was defeated by the Brazilian team by four clean goals. To fall to the bottom of the group, located in the fifth and last place in the group’s standings, without any points in his score, after receiving four goals in his own net without being able to score any goal so far.

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  • 🏆 Tournament: Copa America.
  • 🏅 Round: Group stage – third round.
  • 🏟️ Stadium: Olimpico Pedro Lodevico
  • 🎤 Voiceover: Essam El Shawali.
  • 📺 Carrier channels: beIN Max HD5, HD6.
  • Time: 02:00 am (GMT 2+).
  • Date: Monday (21-06-2021).
  • Result: Colombia 1-2 Peru.


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