The prices of the UAE dirham against Arab and foreign currencies


The performance of the UAE dirham stabilized against foreign currencies during the early trading of banks today, Monday, June 21, 2021, to record the exchange rate of the dirham against the US dollar 3.67 dirhams, while the euro price recorded 4.35 dirhams.

In the context of monitoring the “vision” of the performance of the UAE dirham against foreign currencies, according to data from the UAE Central Bank, the sterling pound recorded 5.08 dirhams, while the Japanese yen recorded 0.033 dirhams.

The price of the Swiss franc in the morning trading of banks reached 3.98 dirhams, while the Bangladeshi taka recorded about 0.043 dirhams, the Chinese yuan scored about 0.56 dirhams, and the Indian rupee scored about 0.049 dirhams.

At the level of the prices of the dirham against Arab currencies, the price of the Egyptian pound amounted to 0.234 dirhams, while the Saudi riyal amounted to 0.97 dirhams.

At the level of the Kuwaiti dinar, its exchange rate reached 12.18 dirhams, while the Bahraini dinar reached 9.74 dirhams.

The Qatari riyal exchange rate amounted to about 1.008 dirhams, and the Omani riyal reached about 9.53 dirhams.


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