The president will not go to the street because he does not care!


“Strong Republic” bloc member, Representative Imad Wakim, addressed the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Beirut and its dependencies, Archbishop Elias Odeh, in a tweet on his Twitter account, saying: “Mr. Archbishop Odeh, you are an honest, honest and patriotic man, and you speak from the bottom of your heart out of fear for the people and the country, but the president will not come down.” to the street, and he will not witness the humiliation that the people are experiencing, simply because he knows the situation and does not care!”He added, “What matters to him is Gibran’s political future, even if the country burns!”

Earlier today, Archbishop Odeh addressed the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, by saying: “Mr. President, I swear by your grandchildren, in whose eyes you see life, to go out to the street and listen to your people and witness the humiliation they are experiencing. Do you accept that a person dies of starvation or disease during your reign? Do you accept that A child suffers in your era? Do you accept that a citizen in your era is humiliated? Do you accept that Lebanon declines during your era?


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