The President of the German Olympic Sports Federation announces that he will not run for a new term


The German Olympic Sports Federation announced today, Wednesday, that its president, Alphonse Hormann, will not run for another presidential term in the elections scheduled for next December.
The Executive Committee of the Federation had decided not to hold a vote of confidence, and decided to hold elections in December (December) instead of 2022 as scheduled.Along with Hormann, Kwah Niromand, the federation’s vice president for economics and finance, decided not to run again.

Hormann has been president of the German Olympic Sports Federation since December 2013, but his leadership has come under criticism in recent years.

“In the past seven years we have given everything we have as a team to professionalize the federation and the sport in the country and give it a strong voice,” Hormann said.

Horman added that he wanted to pave the way for a new start after him in December.


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