The Pentagon releases footage of the “precision” strikes against militias in Iraq and Syria


The US Department of Defense released footage documenting air strikes targeting Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria.The footage showed the moments when the missiles fell on medium-sized facilities, which appeared to be completely destroyed after the dust caused by the explosions had cleared.

The United States said Sunday’s “precision defensive air strikes” targeted weapons storage facilities in Syria and another site in Iraq.US President Joe Biden said he ordered the attacks, which Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called “necessary messages” and “self-defense.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement that “the targets were chosen because these facilities are used by Iranian-backed groups participating in drone attacks against individuals and facilities in Iraq.”

On Monday, a US facility in Syria was bombed by missiles from an unknown party, believed to be a response to the US bombing of the sites of the Tehran-backed forces.


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