The nightmare scenario when Trump wanted to send Covid patients to Guantanamo | News


Donald Trump has often sparked controversy with his comments on the coronavirus. His suggestion to inject patients with disinfectants was not isolated; There are even new discoveries in this regard.

Here are the two journalists from The Washington Post.Washington Post) Yasmine Abu Talib and Damian Paletta in their new book “The Nightmare Scenario: Behind the scenes of the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic that changed history,” reveal that at the beginning of the Corona virus crisis, when the American authorities were wondering whether they would return sick Americans for treatment in the United States, Donald Trump suggested Quarantine them on a desert island or lock them up in Guantanamo.

The authors note that this proposal was made in February 2020, when Donald Trump gathered his team and all those responsible for health security in the famous “operating room”.

At that meeting, a question was raised about how to deal with Americans abroad who had positive test results.

Trump replied, “We’re importing goods! We’re not going to import a virus. Don’t we have our own island? What about Guantanamo?” Which raised the astonishment of the audience, according to the source on which the authors relied.

But, according to the authors, his advisers quickly intervened to bring him to his senses, explaining to him that “we cannot send American tourists to a place where the United States was holding terrorists.”

The authors, Abu Talib and Palita, explained in their book that Donald Trump doubled down on this type of intervention at the height of the coronavirus crisis, often unleashing his anger; Especially because of the massive COVID-19 testing campaign, which many Americans have undergone.

They mentioned, for example, that during a phone call with the US Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, he said literally, “These tests (to detect corona) are killing me… I will lose the elections because of these tests. Who is the fool who asked the federal government to conduct tests?” Azar replied, “You mean Jared?”

Referring, according to the authors, to the president’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who had pledged only 5 days before that to take over the strategic responsibility for a national test with the help of the private sector, according to Abu Talib and Ballita.

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