The new “iOS” drains the battery completely in a few hours


LONDON – iPhone users who have installed Apple’s new software update, iOS 14.6, are complaining that it drains their battery completely within hours.
The update that Apple released to users on May 24 suffers from many problems, and it is shocking that some iPhone models charge completely in less than two hours, as users reveal.
Users resorted to social media platforms to register their dissatisfaction, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, which contacted Apple to comment on the problem and give any official advice to users of iOS 14.6.
The Apple Bytes YouTube channel also found “horrific results” in battery performance with iOS 14.6, and a video shows seven iPhone models running iOS 14.6 with all but one losing battery power within five hours. .
This problem appeared especially on some older iPhone models, in addition to the iPhone SE2, which was released only last year.
Experts believe that the battery needs time from one to two days to re-calibrate after the update, as usually, when upgrading to a new iOS version, there are a number of activities that must be completed in the background even after the installation is completed.


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