The new IOS 15 update from Apple Learn about the powerful features and supporting devices after its official launch


The new IOS 15 update from Apple Learn about the powerful features and supporting devices After its official launch, Apple held its annual WWDC21 developer conference and it was online without the presence of the audience, as it happened last year, through which they announced the company’s latest operating system, which is IOS 15 for iPhone devices, and IPAD0S 15 for iPads, Today we discuss the new iOS 15 update from Apple and the advantages of the new update and the devices supporting it.

Apple’s new iOS 15 update

In terms of communication capabilities Apple developed The Face Time video chat application has become more efficient in communication as it supports surround sound, meaning that the speaker’s voice will come from where he is speaking, and it also supports the noise isolation feature from the microphone, and Apple also announced that Face Time will display callers in the form of Grid boxes View, and you can link the conversation with any other user to enter it in Apple’s new iOS 15 update Even Android and Windows users.

Share Play by Apple

و .ضافت Apple company An important feature called SharePlay, through which you can share content with callers in an instant, whether it is a photo, video or music clip, and in terms of design, the shape of the notifications has been updated in Apple’s new iOS 15 update, with the most important notifications and messages appearing at the top mobile screen Through the alerts summary feature, which uses artificial intelligence to arrange and group the accumulated alerts.

New iOS 15 update features

One of the important additions made by Apple company within IOS 15 new update Focus feature, which allows you to customize alerts according to your features, for example, if you are at work, you only receive work-related notifications, such as messages and conversations with the manager, colleagues and clients, and if you choose the personal life mode, you will receive notifications from friends and family.

Live Text and Apple Maps update

Apple also added the Live Text feature, through which the system recognizes any text or handwriting in an image, and you can access phone numbers and call them directly, provided that this feature supports a limited number of languages, and you can now search for specific images through the general search bar. In the Photo Search icon, it also offers Apple’s new iOS 15 update Prepare a virtual copy of your personal identity card, ready for use in countries that allow this step.

iOS 15 Supported Devicesتحديث

All devices that support the IOS 14 update support IOS 15 except for 6S, 6S + and SE version 2016, and the weather and the Apple Maps application have been updated, as it shows maps of some cities in 3D, and the new IOS 15 update from Apple also added a navigation feature to help the person reach to the place he is looking for very easily.


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