The new case of the artist Khaled Sami .. his wife “heard me and held my hand”


In a new development of the situation Saudi artist Khaled Sami, I mentioned his wife Aida Al Otaibi His condition is stable, and he responded to her yesterday, Tuesday, when she asked him to hold her hand, and he did, indicating that he was hearing her.

In an interview with Al, she said, “He has been in a coma for 14 days, during which he suffered a cardiac arrest for 21 seconds, and was resuscitated five times.”

There is no clear reason for his deteriorating health

As for the results of the tests that were conducted on him recently, she explained that all of them proved the integrity of the brain, and there is no clear reason for his health relapse, saying, “I rule out that the reason is psychological, because my husband loves life, and he was always optimistic, as he was planning to travel after his recovery.”

In addition, she added that the process Kidney Transplant It was scheduled to take place in the month of Ramadan, but his unstable health condition delayed the operation, because the lack of movement and lack of exercise contributed to muscle weakness and his body could not stand it.

Al-Otaibi concluded her speech by asking everyone to pray for him, in the hope that she would receive good news about his health, especially since visits are still prohibited from him due to his weak immunity.

On June 3, the artist’s son revealed that God had saved him after his heart stopped, before the pulse returned to him after 5 attempts to revive him.

And “Al” had followed the artist’s condition since his admission to the hospital, after he suffered from shortness of breath and entered a coma for 18 days last January, and after he woke up from the coma, the respirators were removed from him, and he began to move his limbs and eyes, and he responded to influences and conversations, and allowed his wife to visit him. and talk to him.


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