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The Brooklyn Nets came out victorious in the first game of their series of confrontations with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference semi-finals of the NBA Playoffs, but lost the efforts of its star James Harden in the first minute due to injury.
Canadian coach Steve Nash’s team decided the first meeting out of seven possible in this series, winning at home 115-107 thanks to the efforts of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, as the first scored 29 points with 10 rebounds and the second 25 with 5 rebounds and 8 assists.
The Nets began the match with a severe blow after Harden had to leave the field due to aches in the back muscles of his right leg, just 43 seconds after the start of the first confrontation between the two teams in the playoffs since the first round of the 2002-2003 season when the New Jersey Nets reached the league final for the second season and lost to the San Antonio Spurs.
And in light of the loss of the efforts of Harden, who suffered both with injuries in his first season with the Nets, where he was forced to miss 18 consecutive games in one period of the season, Joe Harris (19 points) and Blake Griffin (18 points with 14 rebounds) also played a key role in this victory.
Griffin commented on the loss of Harden’s efforts, saying, “You don’t want to lose a player like James, but we’ve tested this situation before. I trust these guys.”
The two teams entered this series after a strong showing in the first round, as the Nets beat the Boston Celtics 4-1, while the Bucks came out victorious against the runners-up Miami Heat 4-0.
“Everyone had to improve. We played like we did all season. We have guys who can make up and Kevin (Durant) and Kyrie (Irving) have done their best,” Griffin added.
Nash praised his team. “Our defense was good and we didn’t give them a lot of space to shoot. We improved a few things as the game progressed.”
As a result of the multiple injuries suffered by Hadern and Durant, the great trio Harden-Durant-Irving have only played 8 games together in the regular season.
The Nets hoped that this trio would recover in the playoffs, but that evaporated as Harden walked off the field a few seconds into the match under the eyes of 15,700 spectators at the Barclays Center Arena.
And the Nets announced during the first half that the former Houston Rockets star will undergo an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) (RMI) examination in order to determine the extent of the injury.
Nash regretted the injuries to his team, saying, “We tested this all year, that one of us fall because of injury,” but “we fought. It was great to see some players who were outside the (starting) lineup”, most notably Mike James, who participated for thirty minutes and scored 12 Point with 7 rebounds.
And what indicates the importance of Harden is that the Nets won 20 wins against 17 defeats in his absence, while he achieved 29 wins and 7 defeats only with his presence on the field (he played 36 out of 72 games for his team in the regular season and 6 in the playoffs).
Harden averaged 27.8 points and 10.6 assists during the Boston series in the first round.
The Bucks finished the first quarter in their favor 32-30 thanks to 10 points from their Greek star Yannis Antetokounmpo, who was the best guest player by scoring 34 points (he succeeded in 16 of his 24 attempts) with 11 rebounds and 4 assists in a meeting in which he also stood out in terms of Milwaukee Brook Lopez (19). 1 point with 5 rebounds) and Gro Holiday (17 with 9 rebounds and 6 assists).
Antetokounmpo said that things had not changed for his team with Harden’s injury because “we stuck to the game plan. We applied the game plan for Kairi (Irving), Kay D (Durant) and Joe (Harris).”
In the second quarter, the two teams went through volatile periods, as Nets scored 20 points against 8 for its guest, which allowed it to advance 59-48, but the latter returned strongly by scoring 13 points against 4 for its host, to reduce the difference to two points 61-63 at the end of the first half.
But the Nets finally took the initiative when he scored 12 points against 4 for the Bucks at the end of the third quarter, to enter the last quarter with a 98-84 lead, then knew how to maintain this advantage until the final whistle.
The two teams remain in Brooklyn for the second game Monday.
Source: France 24


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