The National Bank of Saudi Arabia launches unprecedented financing offers that create tomorrow – Saudi News


The National Bank of Saudi Arabia, the largest Saudi bank, launched its financing offers, coinciding with the announcement of its new identity, “Together We Make Tomorrow,” which embodies the bank’s ambitious vision for a promising future.

The launch of the “unprecedented” financing campaign by the National Bank of Saudi Arabia comes in response to the aspirations and needs of its customers, with competitive and unprecedented prices and benefits, offered for the first time in the Kingdom for all financing products compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

The campaign provides customers with the opportunity to obtain personal, rental and real estate financing without administrative fees and at a reduced annual profit margin, in addition to obtaining real estate and personal financing at the same time. The campaign also grants the AlAhli credit card for cash back without annual fees for life.

Within the “Unprecedented Offers” campaign, the Saudi National Bank offers a variety of financing programs, which all individuals can benefit from, according to their different needs, financing orientations and financial solvency. The bank targets all individual customers, including employees in the government and semi-government sectors, large companies and the private sector for approved and unaccredited companies.

The campaign includes personal financing at a competitive annual rate, and without administrative fees, which can be obtained without the need to visit any of the bank’s branches, by calling 8002441005, in addition to leasing financing at discounted rates, without any administrative fees and without a down payment.

The campaign includes the uniqueness of the real estate finance provided by the Saudi National Bank with many advantages, foremost of which is the absence of administrative fees and evaluation fees, in addition to the “Unit Under Construction” product that has won many awards, in which the contract can be received in less than an hour and with a grace period of up to 3 years, and customers can obtain real estate financing without the need to visit the branch, through the “Aqar Al Ahly” application. It also includes credit card offers that enable customers to obtain AlAhli cashback credit card without annual fees for life, without conditions or restrictions, and at an annual rate of 0% for the installment program for 3 or 6 months for an amount of 1,000 riyals or more through the smart payment plan service.


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