The moon is in conjunction with Mars.. today


B . is madeThe sky of the Arab world After sunset today, Sunday, June 13, 2021 and the beginning of the night, the conjunction of the crescent moon with the planet Mars on the western horizon in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye, which is an ideal opportunity for photography.

According to the Jeddah Astronomical Society, Mars will appear to the naked eye as an orange point and notice a fainter luminosity compared to previous months, and to see the planet’s disk, the observer will need to use an 8-inch or larger telescope with color filters to improve the vision of the planet’s details.

The conjunction of the Moon and Mars will occur in conjunction with the Chinese rover (Zurong) began its scientific operations on the surface of the red planet and will join the rovers (Curiosity) and (Perseverance) of NASA, which are now exploring different parts of the Red Planet.

In addition to the Emirati Hope probe, which entered orbit around Mars on February 09, 2021 as planned, after a journey that lasted about seven months, and was captured by the planet’s gravity. Together, they make up water molecules.

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