The Ministry of Health suspects an “Egyptian” psychiatrist… When his clinic was searched, the surprise was!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The journalist, Faisal Al-Abdulkarim, documented the moment the Ministry of Health arrested a psychiatrist, a resident of Egyptian nationality; After his involvement in dispensing prohibited drugs that are only dispensed by order of the psychiatrist, they are used in case of addiction in large quantities and under fictitious names.

A member of the health team that seized the center explained that the doctor used a cunning ploy to trade in prohibited psychiatric drugs, by dispensing quantities of them in the names of fictitious patients, as he dispenses them by name and the number of one file despite the multiplicity of patients, noting that by referring to the files and following up on their numbers and names of patients, they found that there are no files or A sick history for all patients in addition to the unregistered file number for the name on the prescription.

The concerned teams confirmed that the doctor was arrested after observing him for a period of time, and he will be referred to the Public Prosecution to take the necessary measures.


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