The Ministry of Health receives the highest international congratulations from the World Bank.


The Ministry of Public Health, headed by the Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Dr. Hamad Hassan, received the highest international congratulations from the Vice President of the World Bank for the Middle East and North Africa, Farid Belhaj, who praised the efforts of the Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, who achieved a global achievement in managing the response to an epidemic. Corona and the method and path of vaccination in Lebanon.
The Ministry of Public Health had hosted a meeting chaired by the Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, and the World Bank delegation visiting Lebanon, which included: World Bank Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, Farid Belah, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, and the representative of Lebanon on the World Bank Board of Directors, Mirza Hassan, in The presence of the Director of the Mashreq Department at the Bank Saroj Kumar. The joint cooperation projects were discussed and evaluated. Then a joint press conference was held, attended by the Chairman of the National Vaccine Management Committee, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri, the Head of the Executive Committee of the National Vaccine Program, Dr. Petra Khoury, representatives of partner international organizations, a number of heads of departments, departments and relevant officials in the Ministry of Public Health.

Farid Bellah

Belhaj pointed out that “interaction with Lebanon is old and has always been positive and based on frankness and clear speech.” He said, “What can be learned from the achievement made by the Ministry of Public Health is that there is a possibility to overcome difficulties when there are people, political administration and pressure from civil society. This is the lesson at this difficult time.”
Belhaj continued: “The World Bank put its credibility and the credibility of its board of directors on the line when it entered into the model cooperation project with the Ministry of Public Health, as it took risks with regard to Lebanon at a difficult time amid the existing problems and quarrels. The issue was a matter of life or death and had to be entered into. Seriously, praise be to God, and despite the problems that have occurred, we believe that this project is on the right path, and all political parties and the Lebanese society must draw conclusions from it.
Belhaj added, “All residents of Lebanon benefited from the vaccination plan, and the Lebanese demonstrated their openness and openness. When more than a million immigrants from Syria entered Lebanon, doors and hearts were opened for them and they were assimilated, and the international community recognizes this beauty in Lebanon.”
Belhaj said: The World Bank has always been present at Lebanon’s side every time the country experiences shocks or crises, whether at the monetary, social or security level, as it was at the forefront of aid to Lebanon following the explosion of the port, and the Bank is still fully prepared to engage in any reconstruction project. .
The World Bank official affirmed that “it is always there on the side of the Lebanese government, the Lebanese state, and the Lebanese citizen who deserves all support, which is our goal.” He concluded by thanking the Ministry of Public Health for what he described as an “important achievement”, which encouraged the World Bank to open other projects in other countries because the risk we took has succeeded. He addressed the Minister, Hassan, stressing, “The bank is there to provide any required support,” wishing continued success.

Minister Hassan

Minister Hassan had started the press conference by welcoming the delegation of the World Bank, which, in light of the difficult time that Lebanon is passing through, is providing support to the plans and projects of the Ministry of Public Health, field budgeting, and closely evaluating its operational procedures under two headings: work effectiveness and transparency in performance.
Explaining that “the Ministry of Public Health is a partner with the World Bank in many projects,” he saw that “the support loans and gifts provided by the Bank were and still are a glimmer of hope for most Lebanese and residents on Lebanese territory, especially in these difficult circumstances, with the aim of crossing the pandemic and its negative effects gradually to To safety.”
He stressed, “The cooperation with the World Bank and with all international institutions that receive the Bank’s support and cooperate with the Ministry of Public Health, such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, was in the spirit of one cohesive team and keen to perform the task professionally and professionally that exceeds every dimension to reach the desired healthy space in these circumstances.”
Minister Hassan continued: In the face of the pandemic, the Ministry of Public Health has formed more than one committee, starting with the scientific committee whose meetings continue, to the national committee that developed the community immunization plan, to the executive committee that keeps pace with all changes in the field and proposes some activities such as the last marathon activity.
Three addresses to cooperate
The Minister of Public Health refuted three titles that have been worked on since the beginning of the pandemic and cooperation with the World Bank in this regard: First: Facing the Lebanese health system’s deficit and keeping pace with citizens in hospital centers, especially at the level of the public health system. From the beginning, the cooperation with Mr. Saroj Kumar has facilitated and motivated to expedite all bureaucratic steps, raise the readiness of government hospitals and support the plan of the Ministry of Public Health according to the methodology approved by the World Bank, and this prevented Lebanon from a health disaster.
Second: Providing support following the explosion of the Port of Beirut, which prevented the health sector from collapsing because the scale of destruction, devastation and deaths was greater than the health system’s ability to absorb, and the World Bank had a primary and supportive role in this field.
Third: The vaccination campaign and community immunization, in which the Ministry of Public Health and the World Bank succeeded in achieving the full objectives of it, as Lebanon was able, despite the circumstances it is going through, to present a model of commitment to a national plan with executive support, and the Ministry of Public Health was able to restore part of the lost trust among the citizen The Lebanese and official institutions, after the citizen felt that the principle of justice was applied and there were no alignments or investments. Every Lebanese citizen and every resident was registered on the platform to receive the vaccine, and through this methodology, the largest number of registrations was secured to reach the desired community immunity as soon as possible.
Minister Hassan concluded, stressing, “The Ministry of Public Health is very proud of this distinguished experience, in cooperation with the World Bank and with its support and assistance, which made it possible to achieve the human dimension of immunization, which is beyond all small accounts.”

Mirza Hassan

In turn, Mirza Hassan thanked Mr. Saroj Kumar and his team for setting up the first vaccination program approved by the World Bank, which is the program for Lebanon, and continued: “This indicates that Lebanon’s friends are many in the world and are interested in the Lebanese issue and the continuity and sustainability of the situation in Lebanon, as no country can be lost. Like Lebanon, with its power and prestige.

He pointed to the importance of the media’s role, noting that “media professionals play an important role in preserving human life, whether by motivating adherence to health guidelines or by encouraging obtaining the vaccine,” and stressed “that the vaccination campaign and its comprehensiveness is a beautiful thing that happens in Lebanon and can be It is reflected in other economic and social sectors, and there is no doubt that the Lebanese can do a lot to improve these sectors, and this is possible with the presence of political will.”
He explained, “The World Bank focused on the vaccine plan because human life is a priority and maintaining the health system is essential when life is threatened.” He said, “The bank allocated twenty-one billion, and benefited about forty countries, and about eight billion has been spent in providing vaccines to several countries.”
He pointed to “the importance of vaccinating everyone, both citizens and residents,” and concluded by congratulating Minister Hassan on “the vaccine program that deserves thanks,” reiterating that “it was the first project of its kind and it achieved success.”

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