The Ministry of Health: Allocating a doctor for every family in the Kingdom


From one of the Riyadh neighborhoods, the Ministry of Health started its plan to allocate a doctor for each family and implement an integrated health system that is committed to providing a medical advisor to every Saudi family.The system provides hospitable medical care to ensure the health of the individual by linking each citizen to a responsible health community and providing services through health centers to include all residents.

Atiq Al-Qarni, director of the Imam Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, spoke in an interview on Al-Arabiya channel, about the Ministry of Health’s plan to allocate a doctor for each family to provide health care to the community.

Al-Qarni said that with regard to the Shifa Integrated System, it is a project for the first Riyadh Health Cluster and the Ministry of Health in the Shifa region. The goal is to provide high-quality, safe and low-cost services, and there will be interdependence between primary and secondary health care providers to reach the medical city that provides referral care.

Atiq Al-Qarni explained that the Ministry of Health aims to restore the citizen’s confidence in health centers that provide primary care, and the hospital provides secondary care, reaching the medical city.

He continued: “The recipient of the service as a patient can reach the health center and ensure that we reach the reference city in case of need and we study the community’s needs completely so that we have a healthy and healthy society.”

He continued: “There are also chronic conditions such as diabetes, pressure and asthma, and we have a so-called case manager, whether in health centers or the hospital, who follows them up on an ongoing basis. Just noticing any change in the situation, we arrange an appointment for him in clinics or health centers or transfer him to ensure that the medical service reaches him.”


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