The Minister of Health raided warehouses for dialysis supplies, and this is what he found


The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Dr. Hamad Hassan, carried out a raid campaign that included three warehouses for supplies (dialysis), medical implants and laboratory reagents, in the Hamra, Ashrafieh and Sin El Fil industries. Examination and investigation, which was carried out by the Public Prosecutor of Cassation, with security support, showed that the warehouses contain subsidized goods that are sufficient for the Lebanese market’s need for dialysis for a period ranging between three and six months at least, in addition to goods awaiting confirmation of support from the Central Bank of Lebanon.In a statement at the end of the tour, Hassan expressed his satisfaction “with the presence of a sufficient amount of dialysis supplies for additional months,” reassuring citizens in this field, calling “some hospitals not to continue with unjustified intimidation, as the citizen’s difficult daily conditions are sufficient, while the duty All officials and stakeholders strive to give the Lebanese citizen what he is entitled to without favor from anyone, and to ensure that no violations are committed in his name, as the violators will be immediately referred to the Public Prosecution.

He stressed that “the competent committees will determine the source of the defect and the responsibilities: are they the importing companies, some distributors, or some hospitals,” noting that “this matter will be resolved in the next few days, as the bills supported by the Banque du Liban will be matched with the receipts of companies and hospitals that were asked to present the bills. Alleged evidence that proves that it did not benefit from the support as of tomorrow morning directly in the minister’s office.He stressed, “the need not to exploit the citizen and to demand exorbitant differences on the pretext of lack of support,” stressing that “hospitals and companies should be satisfied with collecting the subsidized price scheduled in the Banque du Liban,” noting that “matching and investigation campaigns will continue to ensure that there is no legalization or monopoly on medicines and supplies stored in warehouses.” “.

Source: National Agency


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