The Minister of Health continued the raids and investigations: We are all responsible for the patient’s health


The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Dr. Hamad Hassan, stressed that “it is the duty of the ministry, the Bank of Lebanon, and all health companies and sectors to ensure the patient’s health, each of whom is responsible,” stressing that “the matter needs follow-up, transparency and a brave decision by everyone.”

Minister Hassan’s words came during a campaign of raids that included three warehouses for medical supplies, laboratory reagents and implants, in which he followed the process of investigation, tracking and verification, and it was found to him that there were receipts issued in dollars, subject to investigation to confirm the reason for this and whether they were receipts for subsidized goods or not.

Minister Hassan pointed out that “the clear initial observation lies in the fact that the stored goods suffice for three months and more, and some equipment may suffice for a shorter period, according to warehouse officials, but in the end there is an abundant amount of equipment.”

And wishing the warehouse owners to respond to the strategy of the Ministry of Public Health and disbursing the subsidized stock because it is the right of the citizen, he announced that a team from the Ministry of Public Health is working to bring the company’s receipts and compare them with the receipts that were requested from hospitals, and in order to ensure the justice of the decision that will be taken, contact will be made with Banque du Liban to determine the invoices covered by the subsidy.

He continued, “The Financial Public Prosecution and the competent judiciary are following up directly with the Ministry of Public Health,” stressing that “the missing supplies must be delivered to those who need them, especially among them thalassemia supplies, which must be secured directly even without waiting for confirmation of their support.”

In response to a question, he announced that “the Financial Public Prosecution has arrested the owner of one of the companies that were raided, and the decision that the judiciary will take will be announced so that the citizen knows that the matter is being followed up at all official levels.” He explained that “the company that is under investigation as a result of its breach of providing subsidized materials to the market, will continue to work under the supervision of the ministry and in follow-up with the company’s owner or manager and the competent judiciary.” On the other hand, he stressed that “the ministry stands by the companies to collect their right with the Banque du Liban.”

Minister Hassan concluded by thanking “citizens, hospitals and companies that communicate with his office to report alleged violations.”

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