The mining industry is the third pillar of Saudi industries, the Saudi Press Agency


Buraidah, Shawwal 28, 1442 AH, corresponding to June 09, 2021 AD
During the visit of His Highness the Prince of Qassim region, Maaden reviewed a number of projects in the region, including the work of Ma’aden’s Al-Baitha mine, which is the largest natural source of bauxite ore used in the production of alumina, which is the main material in the manufacture of aluminum.
During his visit to the Baathiyah mine, Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Harbi, Chief Executive Officer of Minerals, presented the story of the transformation in Ma’aden and the contribution to building the mining industry to be the third pillar of Saudi industries, along with the energy and petrochemicals sector, in order to promote diversification of income sources to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030.
Al-Harbi indicated that the percentage of Saudis in the mine employees is more than 93%, of whom 72% are Saudis from the region, stressing that the successes are achieved from the employees as they are the most valuable wealth in the long term, and Maaden will continue through its human capital program to attract, develop and motivate qualified employees. and high skills to enhance the Kingdom’s economic role in leading the mining industry.
The Al-Baitha mine is one of the most important mines that Maaden manages and operates on the latest internationally approved methods, as more than 28 million metric tons of bauxite have been extracted, and more than 22 million metric tons have been shipped via the mining train since the mine began operation, along with a stock exceeding 5.5 million metric tons of crude for shipment.
The contributions of Ma’aden’s investments in the mine extend beyond the economic impact to the social aspects, as Ma’aden has contributed to many social initiatives in a number of governorates and centers affiliated with the region. In Markaz Qubba, the mine had the opportunity to support farming programs and establish a market for productive families.
Ma’aden has contributed to building schools for boys and girls, equipping and furnishing training rooms in secondary schools, in addition to providing support to the hospital in the face of the Corona pandemic, sponsoring health campaigns and raising awareness of the local community, and contributions continue to support English language training programs in the region, leading to sponsoring multiple social activities such as the Academy Dates in Buraidah.
Extracting bauxite ore from Al-Baitha mine is the first stage that precedes the final manufacturing processes that include filtering, smelting, then rolling, followed by the stage of aluminum production with hundreds of thousands of metric tons annually and in various forms after converting aluminum into sheets used in the manufacture of beverage and food cans and car bodies or according to market needs .
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