The magic of Dubai is a story that tells the passion of art stars – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Towards Dubai, a number of art stars directed their compass, to land in the heart of the city that has long embraced them and provided them with everything they are looking for, and with the beginning of the summer days, many stars chose to spend their vacations on the beaches of “Dana Al Dunia”, and in the arms of its entertainment venues, whose scope is expanding Many, while some of them were guests of the emirate in order to complete their artwork, taking advantage of the range of creative options that Dubai provides them with.

golden residence

«Al-Bayan» monitored the movement of stars between the folds of «Dana Al-Dunya», especially those who chose Dubai as a main destination for their summer vacations. At the top of the list stood the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, who directed his plane towards Dubai International Airport, coming from his country, Egypt. He had barely finished participating in the graduation ceremony of his daughter “Kenzi” from the preparatory stage at the school, where he posted a video clip on “Instagram” documenting the moment that took place. To the rhythm of his song “Ya Habibi”, which he filmed in Dubai, until he boarded his plane to “Dana Al-Dunya”, which had previously granted him the golden residency, Ramadan documented his trip to Dubai with a set of photos he published on “Instagram”, in which he reads Vogue magazine, which occupied its cover, commenting She should say: “Travelling to my city of Dubai.” So far, the features of the activities that Ramadan will do during his stay in Dubai are not clear, but it is expected that he will spend them in a number of Dubai entertainment venues.

Really imaginary

From the Maldives to Dubai, a distance traveled by the artist Nisreen Tafesh, who recently landed in the “Dana Al-Dunya”, in order to complete her summer vacation, to leave Nisreen to the Dubai sun the opportunity to flirt with her facial features, as Nisreen had appeared to the audience of followers of her account in “Instagram”. On a rosy morning, she wore a white dress, telling them: “Imagination does not exist.. Every idea is a reality.. Sabah al-Nisrin.”

After her participation in the Bvlgari concert in Milan, the Egyptian actress, Mai Omar, decided to land in Dubai, to receive the golden residency granted to her and her husband, director Mohamed Sami, where Mai thanked His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and President of the Council of Ministers. The Ministers and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, for granting her the golden residency. She also thanked the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) for its permanent support for artists and creators.


On the other hand, the smile did not leave the features of the Lebanese artist Ziad Burji, during his stay in the studios of the Emirati artist Fayez Al-Saeed “Sound and Media Production”, which was at the top of the agenda of his visit to Dubai, where he recently landed from Lebanon. Burji sought to document his meeting with the artist Fayez Al-Saeed in Dubai, which was joined by director Saif Sheikh Najib and Bassam Al-Turk, while Al-Saeed sought to entice his audience to anticipate the reason for Burji’s visit to his studios, as most expectations indicated that there is a close artistic cooperation between the two stars.



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