The lower monarch directs the formation of a committee to “modern the political system”… and assigns Al-Rifai to chair it


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–The Jordanian King, King Abdullah II, directed, on Thursday, the formation of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political Organization, headed by Samir Al-Rifai, former Prime Minister, provided that the results of the committee’s work, including recommendations and proposed bills, should not be submitted later than the date of the meeting. The next regular session of the National Assembly.

In a letter to Al-Rifai, King Abdullah said: “Today, as we are on the cusp of a new phase of construction and modernization, I entrust you with the chairmanship of the Royal Committee for the Modernization of the Political System.”

He added that the committee’s mission is “to draw up a new draft law on elections and a new draft law for political parties, consider constitutional amendments that are legally related to the two laws and parliamentary work mechanisms, and make recommendations related to the development of legislation regulating local administration, broadening the base of participation in decision-making, and creating a legislative and political environment that guarantees the role of young people.” and women in public life.

The Jordanian monarch stressed that “modernization and development are among the characteristics of living countries and peoples,” and said: “Our dear Jordanian people have always been at the forefront of peoples aspiring for progress and reform, and I feel proud of what our country has accomplished in its long path, just as I feel the duty of responsibility to continue the development process to ensure the rights of Jordanians.” And Jordanian women practice a parliamentary and partisan life that advances their democracy and their lives, and contributes to the realization of their wishes, as our beloved kingdom enters its second centenary.

King Abdullah added: “We are determined to make a qualitative leap in political and parliamentary life, in a way that guarantees the desired goals and ambitions in the future, and we hope to come up with a legislative framework that establishes an effective party life capable of persuading voters with its proposals, in order to reach a parliament based on blocs and programmatic currents, and to establish An advanced stage in the way the executive authority exercises its responsibilities according to the rules and provisions of the forthcoming Jordanian constitution.


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