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Portugal legend Rui Costa inaugurated the first integrated sports entertainment complex in the Middle East “Foot Lab” along with Nasser Aman Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary-General of the Dubai Sports Council, Khalid Al Zarooni, Chairman of Dubai Sports City and Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Foundation For Festivals and Retail and Hussain Murad, Managing Director of Foot Lab Dubai, Dubai Sports City, the Foot Lab complex, located in Inspiratus Sports, welcomed football fans of all ages to offer them an exceptional and new experience in the world of sports entertainment.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Ali Omar, Director of Development Department at Dubai Sports Council, and a group of directors of the country’s club academies.

The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of many officials, public figures and the media, as well as the partners of the “Foot Lab” founded by “Rui Costa”, and Dubai hosts its first international headquarters outside Europe, so that “Dubai” continues its leadership in sports in the region and the world.

FootLab is the ideal destination for football fans of all ages, as its visitors experience a unique experience thanks to modern technology and artificial intelligence in the first sports entertainment city in the Middle East.

With the latest technology, Foot Lab visitors can test and measure their footballing abilities, such as passing, speed, shooting, and ball control, and then get a detailed report on their statistics. Friends can also compete in the Five-A-Foot Lab where each player can get video clips. For his best goals and touches on the field.

This is in addition to the many competitive and recreational games such as volleyball, freestyle football challenges and other games that will take sports entertainment in the region to a completely different level.

On the opening of the Foot Lab in Dubai, legend Roy Costa commented: “I am first of all happy to be in Dubai, the amazing city that shares my love of football.”

He added: “Dubai is the perfect place to host the first international football outside Europe, and we seek to provide a completely different football experience for all football fans in the UAE and the Middle East.”

Hussain Murad, Managing Director of Foot Lab Dubai, said: “FootLab is the new destination for sports entertainment in Dubai and the Middle East, offering individuals, friends and families a fun and challenging experience, and giving amateur and professional football players an opportunity to measure their performance.”

He added: “We invite football fans in the United Arab Emirates to try “Foot Lab” and test their skills with the latest global technologies to enjoy their time in a different and enjoyable way.”

It is worth noting that “Foot Lab”, which has entered into partnerships with a number of world-famous brands such as “Adidas and LG”, offers its visitors a wide area dedicated to events, whether birthdays or victory celebrations, as well as an area dedicated to fans and spectators.

Nasser Aman Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary-General of the Dubai Sports Council, said while attending the opening of the “Foot Lab” complex: “We are pleased that Dubai is the center for the first branch of this distinguished program outside Portugal, as the idea of ​​the program and its launch was from Lisbon, and then the decision to spread globally came to benefit from the success of the experience and results.” The distinctive feature of this program, which combines modern technology and artificial intelligence to serve sports and develop talents of all ages, was the decision to launch globally from Dubai, which confirms its attractiveness to sports investments thanks to the vision of the wise leadership and the legislation that supports this field, in addition to the presence of communities of more than 200 nationalities, all of which participate in The love of the UAE and the feeling of safety and happiness in it, and there are many football talents, both adults and children, who are looking for the opportunity to develop their abilities and capabilities and make their way in the world of football.”

He added, “The Dubai Sports Council supports all parties wishing to invest in the sports field, especially the field of academies, and to select and develop talented players. The Council also adopts the approach of using modern technology in the sports field to develop aspects of training and improve performance and results. In 2019, the Council organized the Dubai Sports Intelligence Conference and Exhibition. The first of its kind, the Foot Lab complex represents a successful model in the field of precise scientific training, as the world turns to modernizing training methods and using smart devices and applications to measure and analyze performance, develop the skills of adult and young athletes, and create future champions.

Al Rahma stressed that the presence of Portuguese star Rui Costa at the launch ceremony of this pioneering sports-technological training complex confirms the level of work and the status of the influential people in this distinguished project and the level of results expected from it.

Foot Lab is located in Inspiratus Sports in the heart of Dubai Sports City and offers visitors free parking and is open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm all week and until 1am from Thursday to Saturday.

For more information, please call us at +971 4 4481554 or download the Footlab app from the Apple Store or App Store



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