The “Lebanese Forces” accuse Pierre Daher of carrying out a campaign in favor of the March 8 axis


In a statement, the “Lebanese Forces” renewed the accusation of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation and its chairman, Pierre Daher, of carrying out a “campaign in favor of the March 8 axis, because the forces are the only ones that are steadfast in the face of its attempts to change the face of Lebanon, while those allies who lean on them have fallen and can no longer rely on them in his project for Lebanon.” else”.

In the context of the mission that Al-Daher took upon himself, yesterday, Sunday, June 6, 2021, he presented a report that smells of lies and deception, trying to smarten up this time through a described fraud that the “Lebanese Forces” attacking random and illegal recruitment, are An exact copy of others, exposing some of the facts he took out of their framework for no other purpose than fraud and deception.Al-Daher deliberately confused the Ministers of Energy and Communications who opened the door for employment in their departments under the pretext of urgent need, and here corruption and random recruitment, and some of those who submitted official applications When it was announced that the door to apply for some jobs was open.


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