The launch date of the new generation of the Huawei P50 phone was revealed

29 Beijing – Arab Today
Informed Chinese sources indicated that Huawei plans to launch the new generation of its smartphones “Huawei P50” at the end of July. The series will include three smartphones, “Huawei P50”, “P50 Pro” and “P50 Pro +”. According to the sources, the Chinese company is facing a shortage of processors and all models will be released on the well-known “Kirin 9000” chipset, moreover, the smaller version will not receive support for 5G networks. The entire line will work on Huawei’s “HarmonyOS 2.0” operating system. “. The “P50 Pro” and “P50 Pro +” smartphones will receive a camera with the “Sony IMX800” main unit, which features a giant one-inch matrix. The Huawei P50 series of smartphones was significantly delayed in 2021, and its presentation was expected in March, then in May, but later the company officially announced that the devices would be delayed for “certain reasons”.

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