The latest update from “Apple” affects a large segment of “iPhone” owners.. with details


A group of iPhone smartphone users who have installed the new Apple update (iOS 14.6) have complained that it drains the battery completely within hours.The “Apple” community forum was filled with complaints related to the new update, which “Apple” presented to its users on May 24, according to (Sputnik in Arabic).

One user on the forum wrote the following message: “My battery life after iOS 14.6 is awful, what can be done to fix it?” Another said: “I’ve never seen this battery drain before, this is a really serious issue,” other users revealed Some iPhone models drain their batteries completely in less than two hours.

Another user who owns an iPhone 7 wrote: “The situation is so bad, that I can’t work with my phone for two hours and it has run out of charge.”

One of the owners of the latest “iPhone 12” phone, which is the latest from “Apple”, said: “My iPhone 12 battery life was 96%, and the chargers were in good condition until I updated to “iOS 14.6”.Affected users took to Twitter to register their dissatisfaction with the update, as one of them tweeted to Apple: “After updating my iPhone SE, its battery is draining very quickly, please try to solve this battery issue.”

Another user reported: “I noticed that after updating to iOS 14.6 my battery became stuck at 80% when charging.”

The “Apple Bates” channel on the “YouTube” video site also monitored “horrific results” in battery performance with the “iOS 14.6” operating system, which shows 7 models of “iPhone” running the new update system, losing battery power and all but one. They all break within 5 hours.

And the video showed that this problem appears especially on the old models “iPhone SE”, “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone SE2”.

The review accompanying the video confirmed that the phones’ performance was monitored three days after installing “iOS 14.6” on it, so it had enough time to settle, which contradicts the advice of another user of the “Apple” forum, which suggested that the battery needs time to restore. Calibration after update.

The iOS 14.6 update includes support for the Apple Card family, which allows sharing the card (the company’s credit card) with up to 5 people, as well as podcast subscription options, and additional capabilities for people who use Airtag. This is Apple’s new tracker.

Apple is likely to reveal its next major update, iOS 15, at its annual developer conference, which runs from June 7 to 11.


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