The latest developments in the health condition of the artist, Maram Al-Balushi, after she was exposed to a health problem that almost killed her – video


Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti actress Hind Al-Balushi talked about the main reason behind her sister, the artist, Maram Al-Balushi, suffering from a health problem that caused her enzymes to rise, and then it was confirmed that she had a heart attack.

Hind said, through a television intervention on the “My Lady” program, which is shown on the “Rotana Khalijia” channel, that since her sister suffered a heart attack when she was filming the series “The Cairo Batch” earlier, a stent was installed for her through a catheter operation in the heart. There was no adherence to the prescribed medication.

She explained that her sister neglected her health and taking medications as some people are used to, and that this posed a danger to her, and caused some complications, noting that stress and upset were two reasons among the causes of her injury, and the psychological factor with the presence of the Corona pandemic and its pressures affect the patient in general .. and Maram is a heart patient.

And she added that it was confirmed that her sister had a heart attack, indicating that her sister’s condition had stabilized in terms of high enzymes, and that the treating medical team was waiting for the result of analyzing the corona smear, and determining whether there was a possibility to perform the catheter operation or not.


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