The killer was monitored for several days… Details of the killing of a Saudi soldier at the hands of an Egyptian “ISIS”


News reports revealed, on Thursday, new details about an Egyptian resident who was executed by the Saudi authorities, yesterday, Wednesday, after being convicted of killing a Saudi soldier on the background of a “terrorist crime.”

According to the newspaper, “Okaz”, on November 12 last year, an Egyptian named Walid Sami Al-Zuhairi killed the first soldier in the security patrols in Jeddah, Hadi bin Misfir Al-Qahtani, while he was performing the dawn prayer in a chapel belonging to one of the gas stations in the governorate located on the Red Sea. .

Informed sources revealed to the newspaper that Al-Zuhairi had monitored Hadi Al-Qahtani several times before “carrying out his crime inside a mosque attached to a gas station in Al-Manar neighborhood, east of Jeddah, where the dead man used to perform the dawn prayer while performing his work in the neighborhood.”

According to the sources, the perpetrator deliberately surprised Al-Qahtani while he was sitting for the tashahhud in prayer to pay several stab wounds that led to his death in prostration, while the killer fled, taking advantage of the absence of the station workers and the absence of the mosque from the worshipers at the moment of the crime.

And the newspaper’s sources continued, “After a few minutes, the security patrols noticed that the security vehicle was not moving, which necessitated directing a support squad to clarify the situation, so that it became clear that the first soldier, Hadi bin Misfir al-Qahtani, had died.”

She pointed out that the security teams declared a state of alert in search of the killer, so that his identity would be revealed in less than 48 hours.

According to the newspaper, investigations with Al-Zuhairi resulted in his confession of his crime, his adoption of the takfiri approach and his affiliation with ISIS, to be charged later with committing a murder and embracing a “terrorist method in which blood and honor are permissible and the breach of covenants.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, the death sentence was carried out in Al-Zuhairi, in the Jeddah governorate.


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