The inauguration of the first industrial respirator in Saudi Arabia with “international specifications”


The inauguration of the first industrial respirator in Saudi Arabia with “international specifications”

6 thousand devices will be produced per year with a local content of 48%

Wednesday – 28 Shawwal 1442 AH – 09 June 2021 AD

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia): «Middle East Online»

Today (Wednesday), Saudi Arabia announced the launch of the first industrial respirator in Saudi Arabia with “international specifications”, which can be used in homes, and it was manufactured according to the highest global manufacturing standards in cooperation with one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers.
The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Industrial Development, Bandar Al-Khorayef, and the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, in the presence of the Adviser at the Royal Court and General Supervisor of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah, and the Executive Director of the Guard’s Health Affairs Dr. Bandar Al-Knawy, CEO of the Food and Drug General Authority, Dr. Hisham Al-Jadhi, the first ventilator that was manufactured in the Kingdom with international standards, in the context of the efforts of the industry and mineral wealth system to localize medical industries and achieve self-sufficiency in basic medical industries and health security for the kingdom.
The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources said: “We are proud today to record a qualitative achievement that joins the continuous achievements of our dear country, by launching the first industrial respirator with international specifications, manufactured with pride in Saudi Arabia,” stressing that “this achievement is evidence of the advancement of our industry to new levels, in light of the support Which was presented by the industry system under the generous guidance of the leadership through various initiatives that had a major role in overcoming the difficulties that faced the industrial sector, and indicates the presence of a strong industrial base in our country, and comes as a continuation of the response of the industrial sector to the demand for these devices and the need for them in the current period in which we are still living It has the effects of this pandemic.”
Minister Al-Khorayef added: “This important step comes at a time when the world is facing great challenges in light of the continuing repercussions of the (Corona) pandemic, and its effects on daily supply chains, and basic necessities, especially in the field of health care, where the emergence of the pandemic contributed to making Industry development plans are working at an accelerated pace in a number of priority sectors,” stressing that “the procedures followed by the Kingdom in dealing with the (Corona) pandemic were admired and appreciated by international organizations and organizations, and this was accompanied by a rapid response of national factories to provide medical supplies and cover demand. higher then.”
The Minister of Industry stressed that “behind this achievement were complementary efforts by the authorities of the industry system and the health sector represented by the Ministry of Health, the Food and Drug General Authority, the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, in addition to the private sector, which felt the responsibility to play an active role in this aspect,” noting that “The industrial sector has become more attractive for investment, and the ability to attract local and foreign capital.”
for his part; The Minister of Health explained that “the medical device industry is one of the complex and advanced industries, especially respirators; due to its direct contact with the patient,” noting that “the ministry is always keen to keep pace with the latest international technologies in the field of medical devices.”
He stressed that “the ministry is striving to achieve (the Kingdom’s vision), in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority and the relevant authorities, by supporting and encouraging national companies and factories to localize the medical device industries,” noting that “the manufacture of these devices will contribute to Facing a pandemic (Coronavirus); Due to the constant need for these devices in hospitals.”
turn; The “National Center for Industrial Development” clarified that “Al-Rowad Technical Systems Company” obtained the approval of the “Food and Drug General Authority” after fulfilling the regulatory requirements to be able to manufacture the first “PB560” respirator in the Kingdom, stressing that “since the beginning of the (Corona) pandemic ) The center has received many requests in the file to localize ventilators.”
The Center pointed out that it worked on “designing an internal platform to help specialists focus and provide the necessary technical advice, coordination and governance with the relevant authorities to determine the most appropriate localization paths through self-development or manufacturing through open source designs, or finding a partner from one of the expertise houses. Globalism”.
He pointed out that under the direction of the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, a team was formed, led by the National Center for Industrial Development, with the membership of the Ministry of Health and Health Affairs of the National Guard, the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, NEPCO, and a number of government agencies, to supervise and follow up development work and submit Technical and logistical support to facilitate movement and conduct safety and performance tests on corporate devices during the curfew periods of the past year.
He explained that “9 entities submitted prototypes to the committee, which resulted in (Al-Ruwad Company) obtaining a marketing permission, and other factories are working very seriously to obtain the necessary licenses to start production operations. Al-Ruwad Company, which produces the device, will work, according to its officials, to produce about 6,000 devices per year with a local content rate of up to 48 percent, and about 50 employees are working in the project, stressing that “this agreement shows the extent of global confidence in the Saudi market, and is considered a major contributor to the Saudi market. A good indication of the impact of the improvements made to the investment environment in the demand for international companies the size of (Medtronic), the largest medical device manufacturer in the world, as well as the progress achieved by the national industries, represented by (Al Rowad Technical Systems Company), which in turn is one of the largest circuit factories. electronically at the regional level.
It is noteworthy that the “PB560” ventilator is a portable device, and it is widely used in home care, health care centers and hospitals for patients who do not need “endotracheal intubation”, and it can be used in homes, and it was manufactured according to the highest global manufacturing standards in cooperation with a company. The world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices.
The localization of this purification will help stimulate the relevant local supply chains; Including electronics and electromechanical parts, as well as plastic industries.


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