The image from the International Space Station shows how fast the space station is moving


While many know that the International Space Station is moving very fast, it is not easy to get a clear idea of ​​what that really means. For help, a French astronaut Thomas Biscuit I snapped and shared a photo showing what it’s like to travel at 17,400 mph.

Testing a method he experimented with, Pesquet uses a 30-second exposure focusing on the space station with the night sky of planet Earth in the background.

The International Space Station orbits the Earth about 250 miles (400 kilometers) above the planet and takes about 90 minutes to complete a full orbit. This means that the station and its inhabitants orbit the planet about 16 times a day. Despite this incredible speed, astronauts on the space station said they did not encounter anything unusual living and working there. Although, from the surface, it’s a completely different perspective. As noted before digital trendsNASA has prepared a file notification system نظام which will let interested parties know when the ISS flies over their area, allowing them to observe the ISS with their own eyes as it crosses the sky quickly on a clear night or early morning.

European astronaut Thomas Bisquet pick up And Participation a lot of Pictures From Earth and other astronomical images since it arrived at the International Space Station, but this latest image is the first in a new series on which Pesquet is currently focusing its efforts. The photo project involves taking pictures that attempt to display the incredibly high speeds at which the space station orbits the Earth.

Pesquet actually shared some unique views of Earth since she was a resident of the International Space Station. At the end of May, Post a series of photos which depicted the Earth with a stronger perspective of its actual composition, with an emphasis on water. The images were unusual because it is rare to see telescopes of the planet that do not include some kind of land mass. Pesquet’s only showed the blue intensity of the oceans.

NASA’s Youtube Channel It is a great place to observe the plans of astronauts on the International Space Station as well as life aboard the space station.

Image credits: Title photo by Thomas Pesquet/ESA


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