The illusion that he is a Gulf .. Details of the monument to Hama Tamer Hosni in “October”


The mother-in-law of artist Tamer Hosni, Basma Bousil’s mother, submitted a report to the October Police Department, accusing an unemployed person of defrauding her and seizing money and jewelry from her.

revealed investigations Supervised by Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of the General Department of Investigation, that the accused deluded the victim that he was an Emirati businessman, and seized her mobile phone and an amount of 10,000 pounds, while they were together inside a cafe in the Mall of Arabia, in addition to a chain and a ring.

It was also found through investigations supervised by Major General Medhat Fares, Deputy Director of the General Department of Giza Investigations, that the accused was with the victim inside a cafe in a famous mall, after he met her, pretending that he was a businessman from the UAE.

The victim told Brigadier General Alaa Fathi, head of investigations in the October sector, that the accused had seized her mobile phone, an amount of 10,000 pounds, and a ring and a chain of her own, after he managed to overlook her, and investigations are being conducted under the supervision of Colonel Fawzi Amer, Inspector of October Investigations, to determine the identity of the accused.
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