The herpes virus threatens the world after the outbreak of Corona


Follow-up- Amira Khaled (echo):

There have been cases in India suffering from the dangerous herpes virus, after the outbreak of the Corona virus significantly during the past month; Where a hospital announced the first case of herpes that was found in the nose of a patient.

Doctors have warned of the seriousness of the disease, stressing that any delay in treatment may make this virus more deadly than corona, while there are two types of herpes simplex viruses – HSV Type 1 and HSV Type 2, the first is oral transmitted through the mouth, and the second is genital herpes; The first type is transmitted by contact with the mouth, causing infection in or around the mouth.

Doctors explained that the other type is transmitted through contact between the genitals during marital relationship, while its symptoms are the appearance of painful blisters or open suppurations called ulcers in or around the mouth, and a feeling of tingling, itching or burning around the mouth before the appearance of the ulcers and sores on the lips, tongue or The roof of the mouth or gums with blisters filled with contaminated fluid.


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