The goals of the Saudi-Yemen match, Arab Cup U-20


Watching a match Saudi national team and his counterpart Yemen national team Saudi Arabia vs Yemen this evening, Thursday, June 24, in a championship Arab Youth Cup Under 20 years, where the two teams meet at the Military Academy Stadium in the start of the group stage competitions for the fourth group.

Watch the Saudi-Yemen match broadcast live

The Saudi team succeeded in defeating Uzbekistan with two goals without a response in the first round, while the Yemeni team was defeated by Tunisia with two goals without a response.

The Saudi national team is in first place in the fourth group standings table and has three points

While the Yemeni national team occupies third place without points, and we follow from the Koura On website the meeting that brings the two teams together in a championship Arab Youth Cup online.

Live broadcast channels of the match

The match kicks off at seven o’clock in the evening Egypt time, corresponding to eight o’clock Saudi time

You can follow the Saudi national team match via ON Time Sports 1 HD, with the voice of sports commentator Mohammed Al-Kawalini

Live broadcast Watch today’s matches

you can Watch today’s matches From the Kora On website via the live broadcast link to the fans of the two teams and fans of the round witch in live coverage of the match, and matches can be followed Arab Youth Cup Under 20 years live live through koraon direct link without cutting in high quality.

The date of the matches of the Arab Cup U-20 Championship

5:00 pm GMT.
At 7:00 pm local time in Egypt.
The time is 8:00 pm Saudi time.
8:00 pm local time in Jordan
Time 9:00 pm local time in the Emirates


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