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A new map – reached by an international team of astronomers from the United States, China and South Korea – revealed the shape of the universe in the region surrounding our Milky Way, in which galaxies appeared to take the form of intertwined threads together, gathering in more dense points.

cosmic web

وبحسب studying, published in The Astrophysical Journal, and announced by Pennsylvania State University, a participant in the study. Press release Official on May 24, this is the first map of its kind in this scale, as scientists usually obtain maps of the cosmic network at an early stage in the life of the universe, because it is less complex.

The term “Cosmic Web” is called the shape that groups of galaxies in the universe take, and the gas and dust dwelling in the space between them, where they are not distributed uniformly, but rather take the form of interconnected strings and almost empty spaces of galaxies between them.

At the meeting points of these filaments together, we find dense galactic clusters, which contain thousands of galaxies, and in the filaments the number of galaxies is greatly reduced.

This is the first map of its kind in this range (Yurik Alert)

Artificial intelligence

To build that map, this team used artificial intelligence, where they developed machine learning algorithms, and fed it with a huge amount of data about our cosmic surroundings now, in addition to a number of previous simulations of the shapes of galaxies in the cosmic web.

Then, to make sure the model built by the AI ​​was correct, the researchers applied their results to a popular classification of galaxies called Cosmic Flow-3.

According to the study, this classification contains comprehensive data about the distribution and movement of more than 17,000 galaxies in the vicinity of the Milky Way, all of which lie within 200 megaparsecs (a parsec is a unit of distance measurement, where one parsec is 3.26 light years).

Building an accurate map of our galactic ocean will lead to a more accurate understanding of the nature of the dark matter mystery (NASA)

the universe secrets

There is no doubt that building an accurate map of our galactic surroundings will lead to a more accurate understanding of the nature of the most famous cosmic puzzle so far called “dark matter”, which represents 80% of the matter in the entire universe.

Scientists do not know anything about dark matter, but they observe its obvious gravitational effect on stars at the edges of galaxies and when they measure the masses of huge galaxy clusters. A group of scientists believes that it has a strong role in shaping the cosmic web to be in that threadlike form.

The researchers in this team believe that they can improve the accuracy of their new map by adding more galaxies, especially when the new data coming from the soon-to-be-launched space telescope “James Webb” is released, which will give us a more accurate understanding of our cosmic ocean, and perhaps one day. We decipher dark matter.

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